[US] “Judge rules Seattle homeless man’s truck is a home” – Can’t be impounded

“Steven Long’s truck was towed after he didn’t move it after 72 hours. He sued the city, and his victory on Friday could have broad implications for addressing the crisis of homelessness…

Shaffer also ruled the fees the city required Long, 58, to pay to retrieve the truck were too high, violating constitutional protections against excessive fines…

More than 2,300 people were living in their vehicles on the night of King County’s 2017 homeless point-in-time count — 20 percent of the county’s homeless population…

“We are increasingly seeing a crisis of people who are unable to afford not just low-income but middle-income housing, and a shrinkage of the supply of middle-income and low-income housing,” Shaffer said before issuing her ruling….”


If the homeless can be mistreated anyone can be mistreated. It seems some people in government understand soon their head will be on the chopping block. There’s a reason society defends the weak. Even if one disregards morals the strong are not strong forever.

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