GachiYellow Thoughts On Hitbox Arcade Controller

I bought a Hitbox arcade controller. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s this. (see picture below) Basically it’s a hybrid between a keyboard and an arcade controller. I wanted the Gamecube version but that’s yet to be released. I bought the Playstation 4 / PC version instead.

Image result for hitbox controller

Getting straight to the point, this thing is amazing. The input response time for movement is much, much faster. The buttons are sensitive so there’s no need to mash like a mad man. The Hitbox itself is very sturdy. There’s really no flaw to this product.

As far as learning how to use it goes; it takes some time to adapt to. The learning curve is kind of steep in comparison to other controllers because not only must one learn the directional inputs, one should also learn the high level shortcuts once they become accustom to the controller. For example pressing left and right at the same time gives the player “neutral.”

Another problem everyone will run into is — At first you’ll input motions so quickly fighting games won’t read the inputs. Although this is a problem I want to emphasis this is a **good** problem to have.

For those of you who don’t know I’m also on GAB. You can follow me there if you like. GachiYellow out

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