Apple Moves Chinese ICloud Operations & Enencryption Keys To China

“Today Apple formally transferred its Chinese iCloud operations to a local firm in southern China. It also began hosting its iCloud encryption keys in China, instead of the US, for the first time. The move has been expected since last year when Apple announced its partnership with Guizhou-Cloud Big Data (GCBD), a Chinese firm supervised by a board ran by government-owned businesses, with close ties to the government and Chinese Communist Party…

Apple has told Reuters that it won’t transfer accounts over to the new data center unless users first agree to the updated terms of service… [Blogger Comment: All Software requires you to agree to T.O.S. in order to use the product. Translation: This forces the user to agree or lose their service.]

Chinese laws do not protect internet users’ privacy from government intrusion. In 2015, China passed a National Security Law, which included a provision to give police the authority to demand companies let them bypass encryption or other security tools to access personal data…”

Good luck Apple users. I hope you enjoy having your data stolen by Communist slave masters.

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