GATE – Light in the black

This is unintentional humor at its best. This anime is call GATE. It’s about the Japanese military. A portal linked to another world opens in the middle of Japan. This world is a mix of fantasy and mid-evil ages. The people / creatures on the other side of the portal make the mistake of attacking Japan. Long story short Japan goes to war (They claim they’re there for peace) with a world that has the technology of 2000 years ago. This is hilarious.

Oh you have a dragon? Screw you Japan has helicopters and missile launchers. You have swords and shields, Japan has machine guns! This is not the true plot of the anime but it is what happens in the anime over and over and over again. It’s so funny how lop sided the “battles” are I can’t concentrate on the “ture” plot.  If you haven’t guess I highly recommend this anime. If you need some humor in your life this anime is for you.

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