Dragon Ball FighterZ: Tips & Tricks [Update: 12/1/18 – New Team Synergy and Snap back combos]

Button layout:

L = Light attack
M = Mid attack
H = Heavy attack
S = ki blast / attack
A1 = call assist one
A2 = call assist two


Teams I play:

New Main Team Aquired — Hit, Nappa, Yamcha


Why do I use this team above? It has very strong synergy. No meter snap backs with Hit / Nappa assist. Both Hit or Nappa can be played on point because all teammates assist provides excellent combo ability. Good synergy with supers. (Thanks Yamcha) Overall it’s just a really solid team in my opinion.

For the record my Second team will be Freeza / ??? / Krillin. That’s right I’m going to run Krillin anchor.

Teams I think have really good synergy:
-Nappa, Tien, Goku Yellow
-Freeza, Vegito, Yamcha
-Beerus, Base Goku, Yamcha

Shells with amazing synergy:
-Hit, Nappa
-Android 21, Base Goku
Freeza, Krillin — (Krillin isn’t locked to just being a point character. His assist combos with Freeza!)

-Piccolo, Zamasu, Yamcha (untested)

Here are some patch updates you may or may not know about.
-No cross ups on snap back. No matter which direction the opponent holds they will block until they touch the ground. (WTF…)
-No defensive assist calls – calling assist during broken pressure strings is no longer an option in the game. The assist will not come out.


Base Goku:


[Shell: Base Goku, Goku Yellow]

-[Corner only] 5M, 2M, 2S, 2S, 2S, L, L, L, Super Dash JL, JM, Jump CanceL JL, JM, JH, (Goku Yellow assist), (land) dragon rush, 236L, level one super [full animation which is 5 hits — total damage: 5959]

Tips:  How to gain a free fully charge spirt bomb

[Shell: Base Goku, Goku Yellow] – 2M, M, JL, JM, J2H, JL, JM Jump Cancel, JL JM, JH (Land) 214S <–full charge Spirit bomb, call assist

How it works: Goku Yellow beam assist will lock down the opponent on wake up which will allow the time to safely fully charge spirit bomb

Super Spirit bomb combos:

1.)  [Works anywhere on screen] 5M, 5M, 5H, 214S, Level 3 super — 7300 damage — Note: Spirit bomb must be fully charge


Goku Blue:

Team: Goku Blue, Tien, Teen Gohan

[Mid screen or corner] 5M, 5M, 5H, Super Dash, JL, JM, Jump cancel, JL, JM, 236L, Goku Blue level 1 air super, Tien level 1 super, Tien level 1 super, Teen Gohan level 1 super(Uses 4 meters)


Goku Yellow

  • Shell: Goku Yellow, Goku Blue

2M, M, JL, JM, J2H, Super Dash, JL, JM, jump cancel, JL, JM, JS, 236L (timing: slight wait until enemy hits ground) 236S+H, Assist super (Goku Blue – uses 2 meters.)

Note: This combo is sick. It’s a beautiful cross up combo which can confuse players since both Gokus are on the screen. When performed correctly it should look like this picture below during the super animation)

DBFZ goku super crossup

  • Shell: Goku Yellow, Base Goku

2M, M, JL, JM, J2H, Super Dash, JL, JM, jump cancel, JL, JM, JS, 236L (timing: slight wait until enemy hits ground) 236S+H, level 3 Assist super (Goku Base – Uses 4 meters)

Note: Like the combo above the supers cross up. For this combo to connect the assist super must be on the opposite side of the point super. It should look like this when preformed correctly

DBFZ Goku super cross up 2




[Team: Freeza, Vegito, Yamcha]

How to connect 4 level 1 supers:
Insert random air combo and end with: 236S, Freeza level 1 air super, Vegito, level 1 ground super, Vegito level 1 ground super, Yamcha Level 1 super.

How it works: While Freeza’s super is carrying the opponent to the ground Vegito has time to carry out 2 level 1 supers back to back. The trick is to super with Freeza immediately after his fireball. It’s not that hard to do at all.



-Hits extremely hard
-Great ground mobility

Weak Neutral(airborn)
-Slow low attacks


Midscreen combos:

Corner Combos:

Hit snap backs with Nappa assist:
– 5M, 5H, 236L(L), Nappa assist, snap back (Corner only. cost 1 assist, no meter) 

Hit snap backs with Yamcha assist:
-5M, 5H, 236L(L), Yamcha assist, snap back (Corner only. cost 1 assist, no meter)



-Hits extremely hard
-Good Mixup in corner (thanks to saibamen)

Slow / low mobility
Weak Neutral
-low tier

My New Team: Hit, Nappa, Yamcha Combos:

Nappa Midscreen Combos:
-5M, 5M, 5M, Yamcha Assist, 5H, Super dash, JL, JM, JL, JM, JH
-5M, 5M, 5H, super dash, JL, JM, JL, JM, JH, call hit assit, JS, J2H, 236M

Nappa Corner Combos:
-5M, 5M, 5M, Yamcha Assist,  Full auto combo (L attack version), JS on wall bounce, J2H, 236L (Mixup here)
-5M,5 M, 5H, 5S, (tight timing), 5L, 5L, JL, JM, jump cancel, JL, JM, JH, assist (Hit), JS (still air born) 2H, 236M, (MIXUP HERE) 214M (<–plants saibaman)

Nappa Snap backs with Yamcha:
-Full auto combo (L attack version), JS after wall bounce, J2H, Yamcha assist after ground bounce, Snapback (Corner only. cost 1 assist, no meter)
– 5M 5M 5M, Yamcha assist on hit, Snapback (Corner only. cost 1 assist, no meter)

Nappa Snap backs with Hit:
-5L, 5L, 5M, 2H, JL, JM ,JL, JM, JH, call Hit assis, fall from super jump high, snap back at normal jump hight (Corner only. cost 1 assist, no meter)

-Note: wow Nappa / Hit shell is amazing and both characters can run point. The synergy is to good.

*********My old team: Nappa, Tien, Goku Yellow — Combos***********
-[Midscreen or corner] 5H, super dash, JM, JL, JM, JL, JH, assist (Tien), JS (still air born) 2H, 236M, (MIXUP HERE) 214M (<–plants saibaman) 5M,5M, 5H, super dash, JM, JM, Goku Yellow (corner only), JH, S (still airborn) 2H, 236M, Level 3 super.

Note: This combo leads into a strong mixup which WILL kill if they are touched for the second time. This is a flow chart combo. It can be preformed at the beginning of the match. Literately you can mash 5H at the start of the round if you so desire. If they get hit. They will lose a character. Isn’t that wonderful?

Note: Nappa can only use Base Goku assist for combo extensions while opponent is cornered

-[Midscreen or corner] M, M, 5H, super dash, JM, JL, jump cancel, JM, JL, JH, assist (Tien), JS (still air born) 2H, 236M, (MIXUP HERE) 214M (<–plants saibaman)

-[Corner only] M, M, 5H, S, (tight timing), L, L, JL, JM, jump cancel, JL, JM, JH, assist (Tien), JS (still air born) 2H, 236M, (MIXUP HERE) 214M (<–plants saibaman)

Note: The combo above uses no meter and does 5K damage and gives a free mix up. That means you can kill a full life character in instantly if they can’t block. It’s a 2 touch kill with a super strong mixup.

PROOF OF CONCEPT: Start a combo with Tien, Z change, use 4 supers and end with Tien!

-[Corner only – Start combo with Tien] 2M, 5M, JL, JM, J2H, Z change to Goku Yellow, JL, JM, Jump Cancel, JL, JM, JS, 236S Air super (aim downwards)… (tight timing- let opponent hit ground) 236H+S, Nappa super, Tien super.
***This combo uses 4 meters and does 7100 danage
***If the combo is slightly modified (take out JS and J236S) it can be preformed anywhere on screen

NAPPA TOUCH OF DEATH COMBO ACQUIRED! – Requires  Nappa, Tien, Goku Yellow as the team

Nappa TOD

Since Nappa, Tien, Goku Yellow is not may main team anymore I’m willing to post this one touch kill combo.

Works midscreen or corner: 5M, 5M, 5M, (on hit) 4L+M+H+S (Yes you must hold 4 or combo will drop) dash JM, JH, Tien assist, JS, jump cancel, JS, J2H, Super dash on ground bounce, JL, JM, jump cancel, JL, JM, Goku Yellow Assist, JH , (land) 5H, super dash, JL, JM, jump cancel, JL, JM, JH, Tien assist, J2H, 236S on ground bounce, Nappa level 1 super, Goku Yellow level 1 super, Tien level 1 super, (tight timing) Tien level 1 super.

How the instant kill combo works.
-Note you must hold back while sparking and the sparking must be canceled when the explosion hits the character. If you don’t do this the combo will drop, or worse if you have meter you will end the combo with level 1 super.
-After sparking if you are mid screen you must do a mini dash or Jump M will whiff.
-This combo works on all characters, pretty much anywhere on screen, and can start with ZERO meter.
-Do not aim Goku Yellow’s super upwards.


Teen Gohan:

Team: Teen Gohan, Android 16, Vegeta Yellow

-[Midscreen only] 2M, 5M, JL, JM, JC, JL, JM, JS, J2S, Super dash, JM, 236M (full animation, 5 hits), (Vegeta assist) (land) JL JM JL JM JH (insert mixup here)

-[Corner only – Start combo with Teen Gohan] 5M, 5M, 236M (full animation, 5 hits), Z change to android 16, JL, JM, JC, JL, JM, JH, 214L, Android 16 Level 1 super, Teen Gohan Level one super (Uses 2 meters – 5900 damage)


Note: Who needs a level 3 super when you have a level 7 super.



Point Yamcha with Hit assist synergy

As you can see the enemy is sandwich between Hit and Yamcha. You do this by call Hit assist, Wolf Fang Fist (M version)



-[Corner only]


Good Assist:

Goku Black: beam assist is amazing

Goku Yelllow: Beam assist is amazing

Kid Buu: – Best lock down assist after patch update.

Vegeta SSJ (Super Saiyan): this assist was nerfed. Its still one of the best in the game because of the combo extensions that come from it. It lost some of it’s netural / lockdown pressure though.

Yamcha: One of the best assist in the game. Has fast startup and good lockdown


One final note:

I don’t play this team but Piccolo, Zamasu, Yamcha would be a super cheap team. It would have dirty mixups and sets up for days on end. The downside would probably be damage output though.

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