GachiYellow Predicts The Future Of The American Economy

On this issue, in general, I believe I can deliver a prediction that is 100% accurate. I’m going to tell you my prediction then I’ll tell you why it will be correct.

My prediction is, if Donald Trump delivers, which he is doing by the way, the stock market, growth, everything will trend up, if not constantly set records for 8 years.

How can I be 100% sure about this? This boils down to 1 fundamental question. What is money. Anyone that has taken a basic economic class can tell you — money is trust.

Because of this it doesn’t matter if there’s bubbles in the economy or not as long as there is trust in said bubble it will not pop.  Right now the (business) world trust our President. Until he does something to break that trust I highly, highly doubt that trust will waver.

The only way this prediction will be wrong is 1. The people lose trust in the President or 2. Something outside the Presidents power occurs forcing the market to trend downward.

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