The days of Copyright for digital media are numbered.

“…In the study authored by American Assembly VP Joe Karaganis and Dutch freelancer/Ph.D researcher Lennart Renkema, it is revealed that 45 percent of U.S. citizens and 46 percent of German citizens actively pirate media.  Those rates jump to nearly 70 percent when looking at younger demographics…”

Will the U.S. government jail half it’s citizens? No. They lied about file sharing (it’s NOT stealing by definition) plus they lost the battle. You know why there are no new studies on the internet about file sharing? It’s because 90% plus of internet users file share. Who ever says they don’t are either lying or don’t use the internet much to begin with.

Study: File sharing boosts music sales

Millions of songs may illegally trade hands online every month, but file swapping may actually be causing people to spend more money on music, according to a new report…

A study released this week by Jupiter Research reports that about 34 percent of veteran file swappers say they are spending more on music than they did before they started downloading files. About 14 percent of heavy file traders say they now spend less on music…

You don’t say? Who’s going to buy music they’ve never listen to. NO ONE.

Not even free TV can get people to stop pirating movies and TV shows

“The study found that while the participants watched 4.6% more TV overall when they had the free on-demand service, they did not stop using BitTorrent to pirate movies and TV shows that were not included in the offering…”

Not even free TV can get people to stop pirating movies and TV shows

Study: File Sharing Leads To More, Not Fewer, Musical Hits Being Written

Printing pres, library, tape recorder, camera, etc… All increased the flow of free information. At the time everyone claimed they were going to “hurt or kill” industry. Is the music industry or the movie industry dead yet?

No. The only reason Hollywood is suffering right now is because it’s filled with pedophiles. That’s what the movie and music industry should be concerned about.

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