UMVC3 Matchup Thread [12/8/17]

Counter Picks and or more near even matchups

Dr. Doom
Nemesis – Since every team has this stupid character on it you can counter 1/3 of the vast majority of “high level” team with just this one choice.

-Spider man – Web throw / ball beats armor

Morrigan / Dr doom
-M.O.D.O.K.This character gives her a lot of problems.
Hawkeye – has a projectile that goes through all projectiles.
Thor – Mighty Strike goes through all her projectiles.
Aamaterasu: Has a shield that reflects projectiles
Strider (vajra assist) – his assist keeps Morgana out the air. Add a point character with teleport can it’s easier to get inside on Morrigan.
-Shuma-Gorath (mystic ray assist) — for same reason as Strider
-Arthur (maybe?)

-M.O.D.O.K. – Shield stops projectiles making it harder for Magneto to get in.

-Amateratsu – Never let her get close to you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Zero – as far as I can tell he destroys Nemesis

SpiderMan – Make mo mistake this is Phoenix worst matchup. Spiderman has the easiest anti Dark Phoenix tech and maximum spider leads into it from anywhere on the screen. This has to be like a 9-1 matchup seriously.
-Any character with a command grab. Use the Japanese tech, people!
-Hawkeye. With meter will kill Dark Phoenix because she can’t randomly mash buttons
-300% teams (Note: These are teams like Apology man and Datvip)

Pheonix Wright:
Nemesis destroys this character. His missile launcher combined with the right assit will one shot Maya. If you dont want to do that you can just command grab him. You can also bait random transformation attacks with standing H. This has to be at least an 8/2 matchup.

Wolverine / Akuma
Trishtraps make it hard for him to get in




Hate seeing Vergil, Morrigan, Zero all the time? Here’s some good options.

-This thing counters Dr Doom. This means he’s a hard counter to 90% of all UMVC3 teams!  Why? Because everybody and their grandma has Dr. Doom on their team. The key point is to fight Dr. Doom, NOT fight a character with doom assist.
Say no to Dark Phoenix with a METERLESS instant kill combo. Japanese tech for the win.

#2.) JIll
-These are not my words. The developers said she is one of the hardest characters to block in the game. I don’t know why they said that but if true she’s one of the best characters in the game. Unfortunately the reason why the developers said what they did may remain a secret for all eternity. No one has ever made a team to bring out her full potential.

3.) Spider Man – Best / easiest Anti Phoenix tech that works anywhere on the screen. He can hold his own VS Magneto. He has a good Match up VS the Hulk. Plus Spider Man’s “spider sting” is HIGHLY under rated.  It’s a “get off me” move that ground bounces into a combo. This makes all big body characters think twice before the jump in randomly at you.

More to come as I learn more about the game.


1.) Iron fist – Rising Fang Assist – Holy cow if you want a good assist this is it. This assist nullifies projectiles.  It aims at the angles Zero and Magneto shoot their air projectiles from.

2.) Iron Man – Repulsor Blast Assist – More and more I’m starting to think this may be one of the best assist in the game. Nullifies projectiles stops random teleports and attacks from the sky. It works well VS Morridoom. It locks down incoming characters hardcore. It stops scrambles because it hits a 360 degree radius. It’s range is deceptively large. There’s really no flaw to this assist. The actual character on the other hand…

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