“Owari no Seraph – The Bird And The Worm”

[dead link removed – Just trust me the anime is good]

Do I have a anime recommendation for you? Yes I do! This one is amazing folks so prepare yourself. This anime is call Owari no Seraph (Seraph of the End is the English translation) It’s an anime about vampires. In this anime setting, vampires rule the world. They defeated the humans in a major war and use them as a food source. The main character, Yuuichirou, the guy with black hair and the green cape managed to escape the vampires as a child. He joined a human resistance against vampires and now struggles to survive. Kill the vampires or die. That’s the only option.

As usual, I highly recommend this anime. if you’re still reading what I’m saying at this point you’re doing the wrong thing. Stop reading what I say and start watching this anime. No really, go watch it now.

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