Utah hospital BANS police interaction with nurses to prevent kidnapping

“A Utah hospital is banning police officers from contact with nurses after an officer snapped and arrested a nurse who refused his demand to draw blood from an unconscious patient, citing state law…

Chief nursing officer Margaret Pearce announced at a news conference on Monday that police no longer will be permitted in patient-care areas

He [The police officer] grew increasingly volatile as she [the nurse] explained she could not [draw the patient blood] without a warrant, patient permission or an announced intent to arrest. The officer finally lost his cool and handcuffed [KIDNAPPED] her…

The officer wanted the patient’s blood sample because of an accident. The patient was driving a truck that collided with a vehicle whose driver was trying to escape from police…”


This is why I consider the police a natural enemy not only to me but all the American people. Stop kidnapping nurses. If you people want to kidnap someone Kidnap George Soros. Kidnap Bill Gates. I don’t care if you’re evil as long as you don’t involve innocent people.

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2 Responses to Utah hospital BANS police interaction with nurses to prevent kidnapping

  1. Police are not the enemy. If all of mankind was good there would be no need for government. This is just another example of cops who think there right and just. That is the problem I have with the police. When police think there are in the right they will never back down and that’s when people get hurt. Common sense and common courtesy need to prevail. And this cop got in serious trouble, which is more than deserved.


    • gachiyellow says:

      I agree they are not “the”, as in main, enemy. They are “a” enemy. To fix them one must get rid of the evil above them. I can not in good faith say police are “good” or my “friends” when evil rules the world. I don’t know how you can say such a thing either.

      Of course this officer got in trouble. Its horrible PR. Also people like me would kill him if he tried such a thing in the general area. If you think he was punished because of good will you’re wrong. He was punished because there’s only so much the general public will put up with.


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