UMVC3 Spacing Meta [Updated: 10/30/17]

The spacing in this game is insane so I’m making a blog entry for myself. This is my notes so I can improve.

-Two of the most important defensive options (not just for spacing) in the game are air block and standing jab. (Jab is one of the go to weapons anti-air air born enemies.) If you ever forced to block in this game do your best to make sure you’re blocking in the air.

Anyway, moving on….


Captain America has some strong lock down with his shield. When it’s returning it hits you from behind and I have had no luck attempting to push block it. This technique by Captain America will destroy assist calls. If that’s the case how can I avoid it?  Answer: Jump back, then dash up / back, then fly. Also attack between assist calls if he spams it. Don’t let Thor fool you. This character has better air mobility than Dr. Doom. Use it.

Anyway, moving on….

thor assist call

This is another horrible situation. Magnetic blast with drones. The good news is *if* you have the space mighty spark will clear the drones.

Anyway, moving on….

UMVC3 - Assist

If you don’t use Thor you can still deal with them with any flight character. Jump backwards then air dash  up/backwards. This avoids the drones, leaves you at super jump height and you can still call your assist.

Anyway, moving on….


What do I say to Morrigan / Doom? I say fuck you. That’s what I say. Psionic Blaster [to snipe the illusion super] with mystic ray assist [prevent air attacks and mobility] works really well against this garbage. Realistically speaking, I’m an above average player but it’s not like I’m the best in the world or anything near. That said, can honestly say this strategy will take care a lot of Morrigan players. Maybe not all of them, but a lot of them.

Anyway, moving on….

Hawkeye keep out

Hawkeye trying to zone you out? If you’re in the lead this is a good position to stay at. [and time him out]  If he uses manual aim dash straight downwards. Watch out for Hawkeyes’ super though.

Anyway, moving on….

UMVC3 - Box jump

Dealing with Spencer zip line can be tricky. The easiest way to stop zip line cross-up attacks is to spam standing jab.

Anyway, moving on….

UMVC3 Teleprot

What I’m about to say is very important. Especially online dealing with teleporting characters can be difficult to say the least. The best way I found to counter them is to “chicken guard” (air block) if you expect a teleport. This puts the enemy in prime position to air grab. If you bait them into teleporting you can air grab them 100% of the time.

Anyway, moving on….

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UMVC3: Teams, Tips & Tricks [Update: 8/11/17]

Different ways of plink dashing.

Method 1: Basic: (Ground, forward movement only)
H+M+L, down, repeat. — Do note you can not press down at the exact same time as dash. This will result in an input error. and possibly you dying.

Method 2: Basic/Intermediate (works on ground or in air in all directions) Press, M then L repeatedly.

Method 3: Intermediate: (works on ground or in air in all directions)
Piano buttons H, (H+M+L) repeatedly plus the direction to get the desired effect. This option select throw/tech throw and works on ground and in flight mode.

METHOD 4:  Charge Partitioning – Wave dash while charging attack [Chun li and Shuma only] — In order to do this you must first Charge input direction, release direction, then quickly press [1+H+M+L] over and over again until you decide to complete the charge attack input. The trick is to press the buttons in bold at the exact same time. This technique is slightly harder with chun li because if you press the buttons to fast you get 1000 legs attack.
[Do note: that input above is assuming you’re on player 1 side. Also since much of UMVC3 takes place in air, it’s better to begin charging while air born.}

Keep in mind it may be better to use different methods of plink dashing with different characters. Also some characters can not plink dash well at all.

Examples: Iron man does not plink dash well. Chun li will get Hyakuretsukyaku if you plink dash to fast (any method)

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