UMVC3: Teams I want to test [Update: 8/11/17]

I figured I’d make this a separate thread because I have so many idea’s. I’ll be posting strategy here as well. Of course you have my main teams I’m trying which are

***Hulk / Thor / Super Skrull — (I’m still working on combos for this team)
***Spider Man / Thor / Nemesis — (My special weapon vs Phoenix teams)

New Teams I want to try:

1.) Jill / Thor (mighty strike) / Shuma (Mystic Ray)
-I’ve been testing this team out. Thor / shuma is REALLY good in my opinion. Jill has some flaws [like low damage and trouble fighting multiple projectiles] but If I can find some work around for JIll, this team will be monstrous .

2.) C. Viper / Iron man (Repulsor blast) / Shuma (Mystic Ray)
-Highly technical yet seems like a solid shell.

3.) Trish / Thor / Strider

4.) Modok / Chun Li / Strider
-point heavy team

5.) Akuma (Tatsumaki Zankukyaku) / Sentinel (Drones charge) / Hawkeye (???)
-I want to test this team against a Zero


1.) ***Nemesis (Clothesline rocket) / Thor (Mighty Smash) / Shuma (Mystic ray)
Appears to be extremely effective against Phoenix wright teams.
-I didn’t make this team for Dark phoenix but all 3 characters have tons of Japanese tech to instant kill her.
-Nemesis’ jump 3H punishes random assist while Mystic Ray limits air mobility.
-Very good synergy AND all three are anchors. Killing one character won’t destroy the team. (Although Thor may be the most important because he has the mobility)

Weaknesses: Zero

2.) ***M.O.D.O.K. (Psionic Blast) / Chun li (Hyakuretsu Kyaku ) / Shuma (Mystic Ray)
This team works very well verses Morrigan / Doom spam tactics.
-Seems like it has the potential to be good vs Zero. M.O.D.O.K. at the top of the screen avoids a lot of his angles [I’m not sure. This needs more testing]

Weaknesses: ???


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