UMVC3: Teams I want to test [Update: 4/15/18]

I figured I’d make this a separate thread because I have so many idea’s. I’ll be posting strategy here as well.

My favorite characters are Hulk, Spider Man, and Iron Fist in no order. The teams I’m using now are.

New Teams I want to Test:

1.) Auther / Jill / Iron Man – in that order

2.) Auther / Dormammu / She-Hulk – in that order

3.) Chun li / ??? / Strider


1.) ***Nemesis (Clothesline rocket) / Thor (Mighty Smash) / Shuma (Mystic ray)
Appears to be extremely effective against Phoenix wright teams.
-I didn’t make this team for Dark phoenix but all 3 characters have tons of Japanese tech to instant kill her.
-Nemesis’ jump 3H punishes random assist while Mystic Ray limits air mobility.
-Very good synergy AND all three are anchors. Killing one character won’t destroy the team. (Although Thor may be the most important because he has the mobility)

Weaknesses: Zero

2.) ***M.O.D.O.K. (Psionic Blast) / Chun li (Hyakuretsu Kyaku ) / Shuma (Mystic Ray)
This team works very well verses Morrigan / Doom spam tactics.
-Seems like it has the potential to be good vs Zero. M.O.D.O.K. at the top of the screen avoids a lot of his angles [I’m not sure. This needs more testing]

Weaknesses: ???

3.) C. Viper / Iron man (Repulsor blast) / Shuma (Mystic Ray)
-Highly technical yet seems like a solid shell. (High skill level required so it needs more testing)

Weaknesses: ???


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One Response to UMVC3: Teams I want to test [Update: 4/15/18]

  1. gachiyellow says:

    If people ask I’ll start making combinations with top tier characters as well. The only reason I try to form so many low tier teams is most characters that have Anti-phoenix tech are lower tier.

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