Mike Cernovich Talks About Scaramucci Firing And Distancing Himself From Trump.

What Mike is saying is very true. Many people will hate to hear it because they’re heavily invested in Donald Trump. People have lost friends and family members defending him. That’s why when you criticize Trump, his supporters will react in a negative way in general.

It’s true that Trump fires his friends and allies and hires his enemies. I don’t know why he does this. Donald Trump can not afford to make these types of mistakes. Mistakes like this will allow the N.W.O. to murder him. There is no room in this area to have a slow learning curve.

Mike Cernovich’s made a mistake when he identified as a Trump supporter. Stuff like this is why I never identify as a supporter of anyone in government. I identify as Anti-N.W.O., or anti-evil. That’s why when anyone, including Donald Trump, does something to hurt the N.W.O. I promote it.

People need to understand that criticizing Donald Trump doesn’t mean you hate him. We’re trying to save the country / world. Trump himself is good, but the people he hires are evil. Is that so hard to understand? This is a major problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

[Edit:] Screw Jeff Sessions. He’s a modern day Pharisee and deserves to be blasted by Trump. That’s one thing I disagree with. By refusing to do the right thing, which is go after high level criminals, he’s aiding evil. As far as I’m concerned he can go straight to hell with the rest of the N.W.O.

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