“‘US block Russian arms supplies to Lebanon, while not helping to fight terrorism enough’ – former MP”

“Washington is reluctant to provide the Lebanese army with much needed support to fight terrorists, but prevents it from getting arms from Russia or Iran, former Lebanese MP Mohammed Obeid told RT outside the recently captured base of Al-Nusra Front militants…

When asked why, Obeid said it was because the US “don’t want the Lebanese army to have an appropriate power because they think that the Lebanese army in the future would use these weapons against Israel.”…”


Basically the U.S. is blocking supplies because of thought crime. Oh they MAY attack someone in the future. A bigger question is by what means is the U.S. blocking arms to a sovereign nation? Lebanon nor Iran, nor Russia, nor any other countries are bound by American law. The proper answer is to tell America to go fuck themselves because they don’t rule the world.

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