“New Film… Duterte’s Murderous Drug War in the Philippines”

“Since Duterte took office last June, police and vigilante death squads have killed more than 7,000 people, and devastated poor in communities in cities across the country…

In 2016, Duterte campaigned on a policy of mass extermination for anyone involved in the drug trade — not only drug traffickers, but addicts as well…

Duterte has an answer for why his killing campaign has overwhelmingly focused on cities’ slums, not affluent drug users: Duterte once explained to anti-poverty groups that he can’t go after rich drug users because they fly around on private jets and he “cannot afford the fighter planes,” according to a profile in the New Yorker.”


It is now clear that Duterte’s war on drugs will fail like all the others. Personally I thought he may have had a chance because it seemed like he pursued all drug dealers equally. This is not the case as “rich drug users fly on planes.” Bull shit, they have to land eventually. Since the drugs are entering the Philippines they’ll eventually be there too.

This “war” will never end because Duterte chooses to focus on the wrong targets. He will destroy his country because he doesn’t know history.  History proves a war on drugs does not work. The best way to end all problems is to legalize drugs. This rids the economy of black markets and crime.

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