“State revolts against feds: No more refugees!”

“Tennessee doesn’t just ask the feds to do a better job of “vetting” refugees or to “consult” more closely with state officials, like the failed lawsuits filed by Alabama and Texas. Tennessee attacks the program at its core, challenging the federal government’s self-proclaimed right to secretly plant foreign nationals of its own choosing – and the choosing of the United Nations – into U.S. cities and towns. Tennessee contends this is a blatant violation of the 10th Amendment and an unconstitutional infringement on state sovereignty….”


You know what? WND writes a lot of important articles but I hate the way they word them. I’ve felt this way for a long time. The main idea of an article should be more condensed. Make your point then explain in detail. Also put it at the top of the article not in the middle or even worse the bottom. This is my personal opinion but I  believe it would be more of a benefit to the public if they did this.

Back to the matter at hand; illegal aliens get arrested for coming here. Why is the government allowed to bring them? What makes the government so special? Why can they enguage in crime?

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