“French Senate backs permanent state of emergency measures amid street protests…”

“The French Senate has greenlit a controversial anti-terrorism bill which would make permanent the measures introduced during a two-year state of emergency. Protesters against the legislation gathered in Paris, saying France is becoming a ‘police state.’…”


Of course there’s a “permanent state of emergency” A.K.A. martial law. How else can the French government soft kill it’s citizens with vaccines? I’m enjoying this. I really am. The N.W.O. and their seed must be removed from the realm of existence. Before this can happen it seems all the dumb asses that support big brother must be “removed” also. I say good job N.W.O. Keep doing your job and murder the stupid people. They’re just as evil as you are. When humanity realizes how truly evil you are you will die.

Keep it up. Race towards your destruction N.W.O. You worship Satan so you know hell is real. Prepare to meet your father. He’s going to take real good care of you for all eternity.

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