“Power to seize phone, Net records is a ‘sanctioned fishing expedition,’ critics say”

“When prosecutors first pushed for the power to seize telephone and Internet records themselves, bypassing the need for a judge to approve a warrant, they argued the power was necessary to help them quickly track down missing children and sexual predators.

But records obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union show prosecutors have used that significant subpoena power hundreds of times a year in routine investigations related to larceny, check fraud, assault, and other common crimes…”


The first paragraph is a prime example of how governments LIE to pass corrupt laws. The vast majority of pedophiles are in government or connected to it. Also anyone can hack a PC and plant pictures on it. Child porn is often used as blackmail. NOTICE HOW GOVERNMENTS PREFER TO PROSECUTE RANDOM PEOPLE WITH PICTURES RATHER THAN CONTENT DISTRIBUTORS. Selectively burning low level people not only fools the public, it helps prolongs white slavery. The public needs to become wise to this. Instead of the public releasing all their wrath against someone who clicked a website how about doing that against people who actually rape those children. That’s how you end the problem.

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