“Online Publishers Try Reducing Ads to Boost Revenue”

“For online publishers, more advertising typically means more revenue…

But some publishers say they’re now taking a “less is more”… Stripping out irritating ad formats and limiting the number of ads… result in more engaged consumers and ultimately increased ad revenue…

…female-focused publisher LittleThings set a challenge for itself: to remove at least one form of advertising from its site every quarter, but without sacrificing revenue… Now the site mostly relies on just display ads, user-initiated video ads and sponsored content.

The result… fewer ads on each page… overall ad revenue has increased…

…having fewer ads on each page actually helped boost the performance and value of the advertising that remained, said Mr. Festa. The ads were more likely to be seen and clicked on because there was less clutter…

Aggressive and spammy ad tactics have helped drive an increase in consumer adoption of ad-blocking technologies

Online publisher Dotdash said it’s taking an approach similar to LittleThings…


The reason people hate pop up ads isn’t just because they’re annoying. No matter which site it is, if there are pop up ads there is also malware and viruses. This is a fact. I also recommend cookie blockers. Every since I started using pop up and cookie blockers I NEVER  get viruses and hardly ever get malware.

In fact I think you should use an ad blocker on this site too. Hell, nobody pays me. Screw ads.

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