McDonald’s New Goal. Poison More People

“The company that helped define fast food is making supersized efforts to reverse its fading popularity and catch up to a landscape that has evolved around it. That includes expanding delivery, digital ordering kiosks in restaurants, and rolling out an app that saves precious seconds. [Blogger Comment: IF YOU REALLY WANT TO BE “POPULAR” AGAIN HOW ABOUT YOU STOP PUTTING PLASTIC IN YOUR CHICKEN NUGGETS MOTHER FUCKERS! THAT SHIT CAUSES KIDNEY FAILURE!]…

In an increasingly crowded field of places to eat, the number of McDonald’s locations in the U.S. is set to shrink for the third year in a row. [Blogger Comment: That’s good news to me.]

I’m at war with this company. You know why? If McDonald’s or Pepsi, who use aborted children as flavoring, falls the entire narrative of poisoning the US food supply will fall. There’s a lot of evil mother fuckers that need to fall down the steps in the middle of the night. These people should be executed for mass murder. Why are mass murderers allowed to operate businesses?

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