” Battle of Brexit begins: Labour threatens to sink historic Repeal Bill

“The bill seeks to repeal the 1972 European Communities Act so that EU law no longer has precedence over UK law.

It copies all EU law into UK legislation so that individuals and businesses are not frustrated as Brexit comes into effect, but Parliament will then be able to change “amend, repeal and improve” the laws as necessary…

The government, however, is already being criticised [BY WHO?] over the bill which ditches the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, something the Labour party has said would be a prerequisite for the opposition to pass the bill…”


Do you see the bold? E.U. law is E.U. law. Why the hell would the U.K. copy the laws. The entire point of Brexit is to not only leave the E.U. but to end its corrupt rule over the British people. That means ditching EU laws.

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