“Toxic chemicals in cosmetics are increasingly [KILLING] consumers”

“According to research from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, the number of complaints filed against beauty products more than doubled in 2016 from the year before…

Statistics show that hair care products are the biggest culprit, followed by skin care products and tattoos. The product category that most often involved serious problems such as disability, serious injury and death was baby items

…the FDA does not force these products to gain approval prior to being sold to the public…

Your skin can absorb as much as 60 percent of the chemicals that are in the products you apply to it, and they go into your bloodstream…


Approximately 20 percent of all personal care products have this toxic chemical, which has been linked to several types of cancer…”


I said it once. I’ll say it a thousand times. THESE PEOPLE WANT TO MURDER YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! They hate you. That’s why they poison you. Here’s a tip. It’s not a good idea to buy products from serial killers. Boycott these brands and products.

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