Good News: “Georgia seeing huge decrease in food stamp use”

“Georgia is seeing a huge decrease in the number of people receiving food stamps, due in large part to the improving economy.

But there’s also a brewing national debate on whether some people still on food stamps are taking advantage of the system.”

Everyone should be required to take drug tests in order to receive financial aid. This should be the obvious thing to do. Why doesn’t our corrupt government do this? THEY KNOW IT WOULD REDUCE DRUG USE THAT’S WHY. This is yet another reason why the “war on drugs” is a scam.  History proves this undisputed fact.

Britain used opium to destroy and corrupt China. More recently the war on drugs in Mexico is an actual war with solders on the ground. How many years has it been since it started? Has it ended? No? Will it end? Not until you legalize drugs. Free will can not be stopped. Prohibition does not work. I KNOW the U.S. learned this during the 1920’s.

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