“UAE has secret torture prisons in Yemen, US involved…”

Senior American defense officials acknowledged Wednesday that U.S. forces have been involved in interrogations of detainees in Yemen

The secret prisons are inside military bases, ports, an airport, private villas and even a nightclub...

Several U.S. defense officials, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss the topic, told AP… U.S. senior military leaders were aware of allegations of torture at the prisons in Yemen…

nearly 2,000 men have disappeared into the clandestine prisons, a number so high that it has triggered near-weekly protests among families…”


Stuff like this is the reason I can never be patriotic. All over the world the U.S. is involved in evil so great it’s near unspeakable yet when a country like Syria “gases” it’s citizens America is the first to come in a murder everyone for political reasons. Of course the U.S. will say its in the name of democracy. How convenient.

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