GachiYellow Coins New Term

“Murder in the name of democracy”

I had to invent a phrase to describe how America operates in foreign affairs. For the past 70 years America has murdered millions of people using “democracy” as it’s defense. To better clarify let me give you an example of how this country conducts itself.

“AH, SOME RULER JUST KILLED A FEW PEOPLE. WE MUST OVERTHROW HIM!” What happens next? America destroys the country and millions of people die. The next generations future (30 years) is destroyed. They are now bound to a life of suffering and poverty. Another prime example: Iraq. How goes the search for those “weapons of mass destruction?”

So my question to all of you is — Who is more evil? A ruler who may have killed a few dozen people or a country which wipes out an entire generation of people. The answer should be obvious.

Note the word may in bold. False flag attacks do exist.

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One Response to GachiYellow Coins New Term

  1. gachiyellow says:

    There’s no way to debate against this by the way. Every country attacked for this reason is ALWAYS put in worse conditions than previously. The world should consider this tactic a act of complete and total war.

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