“Mandatory vaccinations are assaults with a deadly weapon”

“Mandatory vaccination is, without question, a growing concern for those of us who have concerns about vaccine safety and the threats posed by questionable ingredients…

… forcing any kind of medical treatment on a person against their will is a form of assault. And given their potential to cause harm… it’s assault with a deadly weapon…

…. As you can see here, a search for deaths as a vaccine symptom shows that in 2016, 144 people died from vaccination

As Mike Adams writes, “[A] shocking 633 petitions for serious vaccine injury or death have been filed in fiscal year 2017.”


That’s right, this is assault with a deadly weapon. That’s why I will kill anyone that assaults me with a vaccine. Make no mistake I don’t give a damn about U.S. laws. I’ll make these evil people wish Freddy Krueger was real. More importantly, I’m not the only one that feels this way — so I say push all this evil as hard as you can N.W.O. Kill, steal, and destroy more. Good people, the majority of the world population, won’t execute you pieces of garbage unless they know their life is in immediate danger.

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