MASSIVE NEWS: Crimes of Former FBI Director James Comey Exposed During Testimony [Update: 6/9/17]

“Chris Matthews: Trump-Russia collusion theory ‘came apart’ with Comey testimony”

“In his written and spoken testimony on Thursday, Comey said that he never felt that Trump had tried to impede the FBI’s investigation into Russia, even that the president had encouraged it and he suggested that former national security adviser Mike Flynn wasn’t at the heart of the investigation.”

“Trump’s “tapes” tweet prompted Comey to leak memos”

” After his firing and this Trump tweet, Comey asked a close friend of his — Columbia law professor Daniel Richmanto leak the content of his memos to the media with the hope of triggering the appointment of a special counsel.”

“Lynch Pressured Comey On Clinton Investigation”

Loretta Lynch, the former attorney general under Barack Obama, pressured former FBI Director James Comey to downplay the Clinton email server investigation and only refer to it as a “matter,” Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday.”

“Trump lawyer says James Comey made ‘unauthorized disclosures’ of privileged talks”

“…his lawyer stressed Thursday that Comey’s testimony proved that Trump did not collude with Russia during last year’s election nor try to obstruct justice in the FBI investigation — and went on to accuse the former FBI director of directing unauthorized news leaks designed to damage the president.

“Confirmed: Comey Committed Perjury to Congress”

“Despite admitting President Trump “simply hoped” the FBI would drop its probe into former national security advisor Michael Flynn, former FBI Director James Comey said he interpreted this as a direct order, which contradicts his sworn Senate testimony on May 3.”

Here’s that exchange from May 3:

All of these things Comey lied about and leaked are ILLEGAL! He and everyone connected to him need to be put in prison immediately.

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