[Deadly] “GMO crops have been a massive failure on every level”

“The main problem is that the Roundup herbicide that GMO crops have been engineered to withstand has been found to have a number of serious health risks, prompting the World Health Organization to label it a “probable carcinogen.”…

Two decades ago, much of Europe rejected the concept of genetic modification… an analysis by the New York Times using data from the UN found that the U.S. and Canada have not gained any discernible advantage in terms of food per acre compared to Western Europe. A recent report from the National Academy of Sciences backs this up…

The failure of GMO crops has been so spectacular that more than 290,000 Indian farmers killed themselves between 1995 and 2011

…the death of 37 million bees was attributed to a recent planting of GM corn in Canada. The crops had been sprayed with neonicotinoids, which have been linked to bee losses all over the world, particularly when air seeders are used…


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