“Big Pharma [POISONING] the water in America with toxic drugs…”

“As reported by Scientific American, trace amounts of many pharmaceuticals have been found “in the drinking water supplies of some 40 million Americas.”…

ARS Technica has reported that the researchers found 14 different drugs in the samples, with two drugs, amphetamines and methamphetamine, discovered at all six sites with varying levels of concentration…

If you think the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is interested in any cleanup effort, you may be mistaken. As reported by Lion.com, the EPA decided to delay publishing “its Final Rule for hazardous waste pharmaceuticals…”


These people are slowly murdering you. They are slowly murdering your family. They are slowly murdering your children. Where is the outrage? If a person drugs a woman at a party people go ballistic. When the government drugs the entire U.S. population nothing happens. No one seems to care so maybe the drugs in the water are super effective. Maybe U.S. citizens are to drugged up to comprehend what their government is doing to them.

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