“Kellogg’s funneled millions of dollars into effort to censor sugar warnings on cereals”

A single serving of Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut cereal, for instance, contains more than half the recommended maximum daily intake of added sugar for a six-year-old…

…As reported by The Sunday Times, Kellogg’s helped fund a report undermining the U.K.’s current policy to cut sugar intake, while supporting studies suggesting that eating cereals may help children maintain a healthy weight…

More and more studies are also associating high sugar intake with the development of several types of cancer and mental decline.”


This is funny. Murderers are not going to tell you when, where, and how they murder. Sugar is the least of your problems if you eat that poison. Link below:

Kellogg’s poisoning millions of people with cancer causing ingredients

I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that people who consistantly use these products deserve to die. I’m not joking. They need to die so only people who refuse to be poisoned are left. The tombstones of morons shall serve to be a great example for those with the will to live. I said this before. I completely support free will. If people chose to commit suicide so be it. I refuse to be taken with them!

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