GachiYellow Breakdown of Alex Jones Show 4/9/17 From Globalist Perspective

Alex Jones Said:
But if he [Donald Trump] widens this war, he is done.

That statement above is 100% correct in my opinion.

Here’s my opinion on what’s happening. Donald Trump knows the whole world is against him restoring American freedom and sovereignty — so much so that he can not get his own people nor the rest of the government to follow his orders. HE KNOWS THIS SO WHY THE HELL DOES HE TRUST GENERALS WHOLE HEARTILY WHEN CHANCES ARE HIGH THEY’LL SABOTAGE HIM!  My God I hope Trump isn’t this stupid. If they want war they are evil. If they want boots on the ground they are evil. If they want a no fly zone they are evil. If they want to remove Assad they are evil. There is no debating this.

Well I’m not like the President. There’s no way in hell I trust these generals. They worked under Obama. As far as I’m concerned they’re all evil, except Flynn because he resisted, and they all need to go.

I question the intel these generals gave the President. The pentagons true intention is revealed as soon as they push for troops on the ground. 150,000 troops on the ground is a automatic lose for the President because. 1.) His fan base will turn on him. 2.) More Americans in the area make it easier for false flags to pull us deeper into conflict. 3.) We’re the aggressor on Russia / China doorstep. The moral high ground is gone.

Why are the globalist cheering? Now they know how to control the President. Show him dead children and tell him how bad a scenario will effect America’s image. News flash Mr. President. The N.W.O. rules us. They have every since 1913. OUR IMAGE FUCKING SUCKS. DON’T WORRY ABOUT OPTICS AND DESTROY THE N.W.O.

Furthermore, yes that strike may make Trump/America appear stronger to China. You know what it also does? It forces Russia to make back door deals with China because… Russia will think “What if Trump doesn’t keep his promise?” If one false flag makes Trump move in a controlled manner preferable to the globalist another one could have the same effect.

GachiYellow that won’t happen. Ok, lets say it doesn’t. Even still, the entire media has turned Russia into a scapegoat. If the President moves in the same direction as state run media Russia has no other option but to look to other nations to ally. Anyone who doesn’t understand this is a moron.

Also I disagree with the opinion that attacking Syria makes Trump look strong to China. It makes him look strong to Americans for sure. Here’s the thing. SYRIA IS NOT CHINA OR NORTH KOREA. They have no nukes and probably have more sanity than both those communist countries. This whole idea is so fucking stupid. Does China’s show of force ever intimidate us? They got a billion mother fucking people. You can’t intimidate them and no one wins a nuclear war to begin with.

I said it before I’ll say it a thousand times. If you kill the N.W.O. these problems will fix themselves or be much easier to deal with. But NO the “good guys” let people like John McCain meet with terrorist instead of capping his ass.

Bump it. I’m done for now. What’s the point. Hurry up and start WWIII. N.W.O. I can’t wait until your seed is wiped off the face of this earth.

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