“Massive…cover-up… near-total collapse of ocean food chains … mass death to humans will follow”

“A massive cover-up is ongoing about what might turn into the greatest marine extinction since “The Great Dying” 251.9 million years ago. Lately, heartbreaking stories of hundreds of millions of salmon that are dying before they make it back to their spawning place and record numbers of whales getting stranded on our beaches…

In the past year and a half, scientists recorded a collapse of several dozen food chains within the Pacific Ocean. Authoritative figures in Vancouver, however, estimated that number may be closer to the hundreds or thousands then the reported dozens. (RELATED: Follow more news about the food supply collapse at FoodSupply.news.)”


When the masses start dying of starvation government run media won’t be able to suppress this information. Maybe this mass extinction is a good thing. The Bubonic plague wiped out the elite and kick started the Renaissance. If all else fails and humanity can not rid itself of the New World Order, Mother Nature may do us a favor via mass extinction.

The N.W.O. loves death so much — well it’s coming. Enjoy it fools. You’re not “gods.” You won’t survive.

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