Paid to murder: EPA bureacrats bribed by Monsanto to cover up evidence of glyphosate, cancer link

“USRTK, a non-profit working for accountability in our nation’s food system, originally uncovered a heart-breaking letter  former EPA scientist Marion Copley, who passed away from cancer. In this letter, Copley begs fellow EPA employee Jess Rowland to protect the public from glyphosate’s toxic nature… The unsealed court documents also reveal that Monsanto has been working with scientists at the EPA to conceal the true nature of glyphosate…

In her dying letter, Copley describes a number of mechanisms by which glyphosate could cause cancer. In fact, Copley states that with the evidence she describes, “It is essentially certain that glyphosate causes cancer.”

When THEY get cancer it’s time to do the right thing. Do you know how many people you murdered you dead bastard. I’m glad you died of cancer. How did that Karma feel? These dumb ass evil scientist must think they’re immune to cancer. It is to laugh.

I’m different from the rest of the world that falls down and worships anyone with a white lab coat. ALL DOCTORS BEAR RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIS EVIL. They know the effects of these deadly chemicals yet what do they do? They murder you for a paycheck. Newsflash, anyone who is paid to treat the sickly will always have incentive to keep them that way. The system is broken at its core.

We need a new system that pays based on preformance –like how many people they heal or cure for example.

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