Random Post +1. Things to do list.

GachiYellow things to do list:

-Play 150 video games (really its like 2 or  3 thousand but if I said that you wouldn’t believe me)
-Watch 200+ anime
-Learn Japanese
-Play Phantasy Star Online 2 (This is an MMO so it can’t be beaten)
-Get good at Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. (When I say good I mean good. This will take at least 300 to 400 hours maybe?)

This is currently what I’m doing in my spare time. As you can see I am a busy man. If anyone ever wonders what I am doing well this is it. I lot of games I play and anime I watch I don’t post here. It’s to time consuming. Maybe I’ll blog about everything one day. In order to do that I need to catch up though…

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One Response to Random Post +1. Things to do list.

  1. gachiyellow says:

    Oh I should list this here. This is a list of all the amazing anime I’ve seen. Keep in mind this is nowhere near all I have seen. I rate anime hard. Everything on that list I consider a 7 or above. Even then not all good anime are on that list. I haven’t updated it in a while.


    Maybe I should make a video game data dump as well. The only problem is I’ve played like 10 times as many video games as I watched anime. There’s to many to list. Plus I play so much of this stuff I just forget entire games sometimes.

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