“McDonald’s worker’s uniforms made in U.S. “slave labor” camps”

“In fact, according to ReturnToNow.com, there are currently “more (mostly dark-skinned) people performing mandatory, essentially unpaid, hard labor in America today than there were in 1830.”…

No other society in history has imprisoned more of its own citizens. There are half a million more prisoners in the U.S. than in China, which has five times our population…

The vast majority – 86 percent – of prisoners have been locked up for non-violent, victimless crimes, many of them drug-related.”…

The contracting of prison labor to large corporations is occurring in both state and federal prisons. Prisoners are forced to perform jobs ranging from sewing McDonald’s uniforms to manufacturing high-tech electronic components for Patriot missiles, and it’s happening at prisons throughout the country.”


You people who say “make prisoners work” are dumb asses. It lowers your wages massively morons. It’s worse than Chinese slavery [not the conditions just the pay] at least they get paid prisoners don’t.

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2 Responses to “McDonald’s worker’s uniforms made in U.S. “slave labor” camps”

  1. jonolan says:

    Actually, using the normal responses to ending illegal immigration or shutting down 3rd World imports, free Americans wouldn’t do those jobs anyway, so it’s not lowering wages…but it might be lowering costs to the consumer, e.g., those who loves them some Big Macs.

    • gachiyellow says:

      Yes because we all know no Americans work at Mcdonalds [/end sarcasm] Beside this isn’t the fast food restaurant. This is making textiles. Also you missed the part:
      “manufacturing high-tech electronic components for Patriot missiles” That’s not a low wage job.

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