Attorney General Jeff Sessions “Spoke” with the Russians — Or so they claim

” Congressional Republicans began breaking ranks on Thursday to join Democrats in demanding that Attorney General Jeff Sessions recuse himself from overseeing an investigation into contacts between the Trump campaign and the Russian government…

…Mr. Sessions had twice communicated with the Russian ambassador last year. The first time was in July, at the Republican National Convention, after he gave a speech at an event for ambassadors sponsored by the Heritage Foundation. The second time was a visit to his office by Mr. Kislyak in September. The Washington Post earlier reported both encounters…

the department played down both. … The ambassadors, the official said, thanked Mr. Sessions for his remarks and invited him to join them at various events they were sponsoring, but he made no commitments to do so.”

When an ambassador of a super power approaches you we all know you should just ignore them. [/end sarcasm] This is so stupid. If the man greets someone from Russia these evil people act like he discussing sensitive and or top secret information. It doesn’t matter if he spoke to them or not.


GachiYellow said:

Trump do you plan to let your entire administration resign at the whim of deep state media lies? This is exactly why I said:

“I think everything except war strategies should be public anyway.”

At this point I can just copy and paste my previous statements. None of this would be happening if Sessions prosecutes Hillary Clinton. YOU THINK I FORGOT ABOUT YOU AND TRUMPS PROMISE SESSIONS?! IF YOU WONT PROSECUTE THAT EVIL WOMAN YOU SHOULD RESIGN.

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