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Gloves off: Countering the Deep State

I can’t emphasis enough how important this blog post [above] is. I explained how to easily drain the swamp. I’d like to add the C.I.A. and the Federal Reserve should be disbanded — both of which are foreign in origin. FOREIGN POWERS DO NOT BELONG ON AMERICAN SOIL.

This is treason. I’m as far as a person can get from being patriotic and I understand this. All these people who claim they’re “proud to be an American” should shouting from the mountain tops right about now.  This is one of the reasons I don’t like defending you people — you’re hypocrites.

Really, all that’s needed to free the entire world is 4 easy steps.

1.) Kill the evil people. This is unavoidable. They WILL kill us if we don’t.
2.) Remove the poison from the food, water, vaccines
3.) No one written law should be longer than 2 paragraphs (Example: A flat tax could replace tens of thousands of laws)
4.) Release all hidden technology. The elite have tried to keep new technologies from the public all throughout history. They’ve done that for a reason.

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