Job Scams: How to spot

“The company kept myself and the other employees motivated by having lectures every morning, telling us how much they wanted to get us out of the field, get us promoted, get us running our own offices. It was essentially a pyramid scheme…”

It’s important to note you can make money in jobs like this just know if you under perform, which is HIGHLY likely, you will be fired from said “job.”

They promote quickly

They promote quickly because technically you receive your first promotion when you find someone of equal or lower intelligence to join the company “under” you. If they promise you will be a manager or “director” or any other word that implies you run something after a short period of time, it usually implies you will be handling other recruits and profiting off their backs. The main way schemes like this fail is when the company runs out of gullible people to recruit.”

My advice:

  1. Never pay for anything. It’s a job. You’re suppose to be the one getting paid in exchange for your labor.
  2. Look at the turnover rate. If hardly anyone has worked there for 2 years and or you seen said company constantly hiring this is a major red flag.
  3. Usually the scams will be sales/commission based. The good news is sometimes you can beat the system if you’re completely broke. Make sure the job has base pay. Milk it until you’re fired or find a better job.

Ill update this more later

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