Gloves off: Countering the Deep State

Good and evil people alike listen to what I’m about to say. I know a lot of you “important” people read my comments. This is how you immediately dominate the corrupt deep state buried within the U.S. government.

1.) Use this lie about Russian infiltration in the U.S. government to remove ALL government officials and special interest associated with communism. USE THIS LEVERAGE TO INVESTIGATE ALL OF CONGRESS. TRUMP COME OUT AND CALL FOR A MASSIVE INVESTIGATION. Hijack the operation. The deep state has perfectly set themselves up to be drained from the swamp.

2.) Trump must demand access to his personal cell phone once again. Not only that, he must use his phone consistently. Cutting off communication is a type of warfare.

3.) Trump should require all new persons to his administration to produce results within two weeks of working. If he can make major improvements within his first day certainly they can within two weeks.


Mark my words, political Hell shall rain down upon the N.W.O.

I’m just getting started N.W.O.  Prepare yourself.

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One Response to Gloves off: Countering the Deep State

  1. gachiyellow says:

    [Posted 8/4/17] I want to add Trump should fire McMaster and rehire Scaramucci and General Flynn.

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