UMVC3 Coming To Steam [My Thoughts — Update: 2/27/17]

Disclaimer: The Idea’s I had for teams in this blog post did not work. I may delete this blog post later.

I’m definitely buying this game on release. Now the question that everyone wants to know “What team will you use?” Well normally I focus on what kills the absolute fastest. Under those circumstances I think the best team would be KaneBlueRiver’s team (Hulk, Haggar, Sentinel)

But I think that would be boring to play because thousands of other people will use that team considering he won Evo previously. I do like being unique to a certain extent. Considering that, I think I’ll create my own team this time.

The team I’m thinking about using is Captain America, Iron Man, Thor. This team composition is based on my old style of gameplay — that being strategic play and stylish combos. Ideally I want Captain American to counter “Morrigan + Doom Assist.” I want Thor for anti-Dark Phoenix tech, and Iron Man is on point with the most stylish combos in the game. Iron Man’s repulsor blast will also work wonders against randomness like helm breakers, shell kick, and Strider assist.

On paper this seems like really solid team — to me at least.

It has at least one character with flight. Out of all the elements in this game I believe this is one of the most important aspects.
It counters the most abusive / broken characters in the game. I mean, theres still characters like Zero and Wolverine but they’re just naturally strong. It’s not the same level of cheapness as the things I’m looking to counter.

Now there is potentially one problem. I do not know how much combo ability this team has. This one aspect could make or break the team.

[Update: 2/27/17]

After watching many videos I have come to the conclusion Captain America, Iron Man, Thor will not work how I intend it to. That’s ok because I have many teams I want to try. I should add here, even though this is an old game I’ve never owned it. I’ve only played UMVC3 a few times so for all intents and purposes I’m “new” to the game. Do note what I am about to say are theories of mine so they may not actually work how I plan in game.

Here are some of the other options I am considering.

Amaterasu, Shuma, Thor — I plan to make this my main team. That looks super weird but there is a method to my madness. All 3 can characters can work well as anchor. Amaterasu reflects projectiles. [Note: I think this will work better than Captain America] Shuma assist will help keep mobile flight characters out the air. Last but not least all three of theses characters have Anti Phoenix tech.

Side Note: If this team above works out I’m naming it “Team God Like” since all three characters are “gods.” Funny how that worked out since I didn’t plan it that way.

Iron Fist, Iron Man, Chris  – The point of this team is to hit extremely hard without sacrificing to much mobility. One touch should be death. Iron Fist has a crumple. That’s really good considering how hard he hits. All three characters can OTG. Repulsor Blast assist covers the air. Magnum assist covers the ground. All three characters can serve as anchor. Synergy should be very high for this team.

MODOK, Felicia, Super Skrull – This is my attempt to make an extremely cheap team. If it works the idea would be:

1.) Jamming bomb then snap back the first character.
2.) Tag in Felicia use Skull assist + Kitty Helper (super) for unblockable setup on second character
3.) ??? Third character  (Hopefully repeat step 2 but I don’t know if that’s possible)
4.) Win

I’ll update this again when I think of more stuff.

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