PSO2 Tips and Tricks [Update: 4/4/17]

Palette Layout: [For Te/Br – Techer / Braver]


This is a example of a Mid/High Level pallet layout. I switched the mapping in options from option 2 to option 3 so I can map 6 different attacks to my weapon palette instead of 3.


As you can see here my main bar at the bottom is filled. (All three of them — yes I switch between them on the fly) Do note if you activate a skill it is still active if you switch palettes. This is a very good thing. You can switch palettes on the fly while using skill to have access to all your abilities.

Mag Stats:
Julius Nifta (Gravity/Black hole Photon Blast) – SATK(25), ABL(35), TATK(90) – Level in that order. This info is nowhere on the internet. It’s annoying trying to figure it out. It really is.


Alternate Guard – Some of you may have realized the slow startup on Hunter’s block function for great sword. Depending on the timing of attacks it may be impossible to ‘just guard’ successive attacks due to this startup. [As a side note Katana has no such flaw] Well I get around this flaw with what I call ‘alternate guarding.’ There may be another word for it but I figured this out independently.

To Alternate Guard you must have Hunter as main or sub class and have points in the charge parrying skill. To preform this action: “just guard”, charge PA, repeat. You can alternate Guard as long as you have PP. This works because guarding cancels the PA if it’s still charging.


Wand Gear + Zondeel strategy: This is a good combo. One major problem is enemies attack while being pulled in. The result? You get instant killed. To prevent this Zondeel, Back dash, ilzan(PA, no charge), Melee. This strategy topples enemies making it impossible for them to attack.

“[PSO2 JP] – Guren dash training ” Simplified & Explained

To make high level gameplay easier I suggest everyone switch PA’s to number lock “numbers” and weapons to the normal “numbers” on the keyboard. This makes wave dashing easier.

This info will be updated as I see fit

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