“Bill introduced in Congress to “Terminate the EPA””

“To give you just a quick overview of the EPA’s outrageous crimes against the environment, consider these facts…

* The EPA “legalized” the mass pollution of farm soils and children’s playgrounds across America with “biosludge,” a highly contaminated byproduct of raw human sewage and industrial pollution…

* The EPA routinely colludes with pesticide companies like Monsanto and Syngenta to grant approval to extremely toxic pesticides that are devastating the natural world (such as the neonics that are decimating bee pollinators)…

… the EPA is forced to admit that toxic pesticides are killing honeybees, it still allows their widespread use on food crops…

* For the last decade or so, the EPA has aggressively pushed the climate change science hoax

The EPA runs armed paramilitary “enforcement” teams that stomp around streams and ponds, threatening farmers and ranchers by claiming federal control  over [STEALING] every last drop of water that might eventually drain into a river or stream.

Introducing H.R.861 – “To terminate the Environmental Protection Agency”

Fortunately for our future, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has introduced a bill to terminate the EPA and end its reign of anti-science terror over America.”


Your days of poisoning people are coming to a end EPA!

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