N.W.O. – Not A Jewish Conspiracy: Separating The Groups

This is something we must discuss if we are to destroy the N.W.O. The enemy of humanity is only 6,000 people and the system they created not an entire nation.

GachiYellow said:

For such a small country the Jews get a lot of hate. The reasoning is stupid but I’m going to explain why they always seem to be the center of attention.

Historically speaking a lot of Jewish people tend to be bankers. The heart of the N.W.O. also is banking. Obviously the number of Jewish N.W.O. members may be disproportionately high because of this. It should be obvious but the N.W.O. has members from every super power — of course that includes Israel.

Everyone needs to recognize the N.W.O. no longer see themselves as human. Therefore this large group of evil “Jews”, within this larger organization, can not be identified as Jewish.

Jews, do not control the world. BANKERS control the world. Get the facts straight people.


Quote 2:

Every time these people are about to be punished it’s because they’re “Jewish.” No it isn’t. It’s because they’re evil.


“The N.W.O. is evil” does not translate to “The Jew’s are evil.” The N.W.O. is more than happy to murder Jews as well. These evil people will always escape punishment if we continue to label the wrong groups as them.

It’s not All Jews because some Jews are in the N.W.O.
It’s not All Catholics because the Pope is evil.
It’s not the Communist because the Globalist put them in power.
It’s not the Aryan race because the Globalist created Hitler.
The N.W.O. is a entity in and of itself. To destroy them it’s absolutely necessary to understand this fundamental concept.

I may update this article later

GachiYellow out

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One Response to N.W.O. – Not A Jewish Conspiracy: Separating The Groups

  1. gachiyellow says:

    This is how these people think. This is proof these people hate you. They are going to “become gods” in their own words.

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