GachiYellow comments on Alex Jones Show 1/2/17

Thank you! Release the Wikileaks info. Only doing this isn’t good enough though. ALL FBI AND CIA DOCUMENTS NEED TO BE DECLASSIFIED AND OR LEAKED. America needs a fresh new start.”National Security” is code word to cover up crimes of the elite.

GachiYellow said:

Things that could immidiately destory the NWO

3. Power grid outage. If there’s not a military coup d’état [The perfect time to kill you people with no evidence] given how evil you people are you people would in fight with each other to seize power.

Quote 2

It looks like the only way to stop the U.S. from starting WWIII is to shame it into submission

Quote 3

good people in government refuse to do the right thing unless the country is at the brink of destruction… 

How many times must I say “No saving face.” I’m here to destroy the N.W.O. not take halfass measures. I’m going to go berserk in two months if these pieces of garbage don’t get what’s coming to them…

Two months is almost up mother fuckers. I calmed down in the last half a year or so because we were winning so much — believe me, you people haven’t seen anything yet. The N.W.O. will be destroyed. They will die.

This is a death battle. Get it though your thick skulls “good guys.”

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