MASSIVE NEWS: Mass Murderer Mao Zedong Idea’s More Popular than Chinese Globalization (Current Policy)

“Cynicism with Beijing’s economy-first policies has created a new political movement known as the New Left, or neo-Maoism, that supports the egalitarian ideas preached by dictator Mao Zedong.

“The New Left is characterized by an emphasis on the state power to redress the problems of injustice and other negative effects of privatization, marketization and globalization. It argues for more emphasis on economic justice, not just economic growth at any price,” explained Chinese academic Li He in a 2008 paper…

“We tend to see China as a country that has benefited enormously from globalization,” Consonery said. Still, “what we see today, in an environment of widening socioeconomic inequality, is a lot of skepticism within China about orientation towards free trade and open markets…

The New Left was shocked by how polarized society had become, and decided to defend the interests of the poor,” He noted. ”

Globalism is so bad people will choose idea’s that produce mass murder over it. That should tell everyone how evil it is. Don’t be fooled China, globalism is not about free trade and or open markets.

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