“…Russia-brokered Syrian ceasefire has chance of succeeding”

“The military intervention of Russia a year ago saved President Bashar al-Assad’s regime [Blogger comment: ELECTED DEMOCRATICALLY]…

Donald Trump may be an unknown quantity, but given the choice he will back Assad, and not the Saudi-supported rebels. [Blogger Comment: That’s right he does not support terrorist.]…

Eygpt also appears to be close to a new beginning with Moscow. So some of the old road blocks to peace are disappearing…

Iran is already saying its arch-enemy, Saudi Arabia, must not be present at the talks…

Essentially Putin offered Turkey’s president a bargain. In return for allowing the Syrian army to capture Aleppo, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan looks to have been given the opportunity in northern Syria to push back against a Syrian Kurdish federation


It appears the entire middle east is against Saudi Arabia. Remove them and much of the chaos in the middle east will cease to exist.

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