“Israel urges Jews to leave France… after UN vote”

Israel’s defence minister has urged Jews to leave France and move to the Jewish state… in the wake of a UN resolution criticising its settlements in the occupied West Bank…

Israel’s goal is to discourage any new international action on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict until Mr Trump takes office on January 20…

Israel accused the Obama administration of engineering the UN resolution as a parting shot against Israel and offered to supply the incoming Trump administration with “rather ironclad” evidence of behind the scenes US maneuvering.”


The Jewish people are not stupid. They know everything Obama does is pure evil. For such a small country the Jews get a lot of hate. The reasoning is stupid but I’m going to explain why they always seem to be the center of attention.

Historically speaking a lot of Jewish people tend to be bankers. The heart of the N.W.O. also is banking. Obviously the number of Jewish N.W.O. members may be disproportionately high because of this. It should be obvious but the N.W.O. has members from every super power — of course that includes Israel.

Everyone needs to recognize the N.W.O. no longer see themselves as human. Therefore this large group of evil “Jews”, within this larger organization, can not be identified as Jewish.

Jews, do not control the world. BANKERS control the world. Get the facts straight people.

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One Response to “Israel urges Jews to leave France… after UN vote”

  1. gachiyellow says:

    I should also add the super class has about 6,000 people in it. They are responsible. They need to be executed for their crimes. Basic math is the mortal enemy of all who say “all Jews are evil.” They’re so damn stupid they can’t count.

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