Toukiden Kiwami – What is the “Best Weapon”? [Update: 1/18/17]

From what I can gather it seems to be the Katana (Bosses), then Rifle (Farming, and bosses), Then Knuckles. Since Rifle will be better at killing weaker enemies (because of range.) It may be faster over all.

Ok, I should explain what is the “Best.” Pure DPS of a weapon is a distraction. When talking about the “Best” of anything in my opinion what people need to look at is clear times on speed runs. A quick search of youtube reveals there are no clear times on any stage better than Katana uploaded. Rifle seems to be second.

Remember in one of my blog post I talked about how to be over powered in every game you play?

How to be over powered in EVERY game you play [Except fighting games]

Now putting that into play on this game: The Katana hits multiple parts on bosses. That’s AOE damage. This game has a low amount of enemies on the screen so AOE damage in the classical sense (hitting multiple enemies)  may not apply as much.

Now a different subject: The easiest weapon to use seems to be Longbow. If you’re a player that is lacking in skill. Longbow may be “faster” for you.

So for the entire game what weapon would I choose? I just bought this game so Rifle is the safest bet.

1. Katana (Bosses)
2. Rifle (Farming, Bosses)
3. Knuckles (Max DPS)
4. Longbow (Easiest to use)


Update: 1/18/17
I’m midway though the game now. What I find works best for me is.

1.) Katana – Just like I said.
2.) Club
3.) Rifle / Knuckles Tied but the range makes Rifle better.

A lot of people say Knuckles are better than club. I’m not end game yet nor do I have all the skills to bring the weapons to their maximum potential so I will not comment. I’ll just say for now I do better with club.

Best Mitama Type:
1.) ATT type (For Speed Runs)
2.) Luck type (For survivability – How would you like near unlimited skills for endless mode? )
3.) Speed  (For survivability  – Speed is also really good for survivability as well. Maybe it’s even better than luck because of the illusion skill… until you run out of skills that is)
4.) SUP or PLN (For Farming. I don’t know which is better yet)

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