“…Trump appoints Peter Navarro to National Trade Council …”

Here’s the Economist Whose Ideas Guide Trump

“Trump praised a Navarro book and documentary film critical of China… In the 1990s, Navarro ran for public office four times as a Democrat…”


On December 21, 2016, Navarro was selected by President-elect Donald Trump to head a newly created position, as director of the National Trade Council.[4]


This video is good but I disagree with two things: 1.  I reject the idea of copyright and piracy laws. 2. I do not see China as an enemy. Without the NWO I believe China would reform itself. After all its the west that put the evil communist in power.

Everyone needs to understand without copyright we would have UNLIMITED ENERGY. Look up Nikola Tesla. Also I get so sick of people talking about how “China is going to attack” when China hasn’t attacked anyone (execpt maybe Taiwan which they always dispute) in like 1000 years. 1000 MOTHER FUCKING YEARS. EVERYONE IN THE WEST SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT THIS SHIT. HISTORY SPEAKS LOUDER THAN YOUR LIES.

Oh I’m sorry, there were some conflicts with Vietnam in the 1400’s… Why do I have to explain this. This shit is so stupid.

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