PSO2: My current characters and classes [3/27/17]


This character is now Ra/Gu. [Ranger / Gunner] I’m cooking up a new play style with her. It focuses around the rocket launcher. I’ll blog in detail later about how I use this class but the basic premise is

  1. Recover PP extremely fast — use  Sphere Eraser PA. This is the bread and butter of the play style I’m forming. Yes, I get PP back that quickly. Large mobs and bosses melt like butter.
  2.  Use Divine Launcher [Type zero PA] during PSE burst to fill photon blast extremely quickly
  3.  Use Rodeo Drive [Type zero PA] for quick movement

As a side note I also have the skill this lets me switch between rifle and rocket launcher without losing weak shot.

Right now this is probably my favorite class combo at the moment.


Te/Br. [Techer / Braver] I’ve blogged about this class before. (posting other people’s speed runs) This class is really good. It has speed since Braver is the fastest moving class with wave dash. It also has A.O.E. Notice my pallet at the bottom of the screen. Zondeel is there to pull them in then melee them to death with wand gear. [small mobs only] For info on how to use this combo see link below:

PSO2 Tips and Tricks

For larger mobs and bosses I use rapid shot combined with other PA’s for the Long Bow. Number 7 on the pallet is another boss killer. It’s a super attack that has a gauge that fills similar to photon blast. Only magic attacks fill the meter though.

Other notes: To make high level gameplay easier I suggest everyone switch PA’s to number lock “numbers” and weapons to the normal “numbers” on the keyboard. This makes wave dashing easier.

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